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Our adventure of refurbishing our 1956 Spartan Manor into our getaway retreat in the mountains of Bryson City NC

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A plan of action

While I know that this is being published into a vaccum; our life is not that interesting. I will continue to journal the experience. I am posting a plan of action so that I give the impression that I am as serious about this project as I am. The Shasta is a test bed to see if Holly and I want to buy old vintage trailers fix them up and resell them. I doubt we will sell this one but if we get good feedback on the finished project then we will see what we can do in the future.
So here is the official Shasta plan of action

Remove hooks, fasteners, window treatment hardware, cushions, and any other items that are fastened to the walls or cabinetry.
Remove drawers and cabinet doors.
Remove all appliances
Stove/cook top
Electrical system
Tape outside outlet with warning label
Set circuit breakers to off and label them locked
Remove light fixtures; label fixtures and wires accordingly
Water System
Tape outside outlet with warning label
Drain water system
Disconnect and remove water pump
Drain water tank and remove if possible
Remove water fixtures label lines accordingly
Propane system
Disconnect and remove propane tanks
Remove the propane tank platform
Photograph and sketch the current propane line layout
Remove lines, label routing as necessary
Remove as many interior lines, label routing as necessary
Remove propane fixtures not already uninstalled.
Store all fittings lines and hardware, in a dry area, to facilitate the remaking of the system
Design Phase

If I can find a way to keep the water of the trailer while I am at work I will remove the skins and start the replacement of water damaged supports and panels other wise it will have to wait for spring break or summer. TTFN


Blogger Stephanie said...


my husband and I just found a vintage 1966 Trailmaster for Free :) we brought it to Sullivan Tire to upgrade the orginal tires and they said the frame is rotted and that the axel will need to be replaced. have you had any experience doing this kind of work?

stephanie & John

7:48 PM  

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