56 Spartan Refurb

Our adventure of refurbishing our 1956 Spartan Manor into our getaway retreat in the mountains of Bryson City NC

Location: Fair Play, SC, United States

Friday, January 25, 2008

Shasta clean out

Spent the day doing some cleaning and removing all of the drawers from the shasta. Found an interesting book on the refrigerator, that is missing from the trailer, in one of the drawers. Found some more water damage in the front corners under the dinette seats.
I did not have my camera with me so no pictures tonight but I will catch up Tuesday when I get a chance to work on the shasta again.

I think we may build one of those metal canopy like garages to put the camper in while I remove the skins to do the structural wood repairs. That would make life much easier and allow us to use it as a garage when we are not doing restoration work. TTFN


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