56 Spartan Refurb

Our adventure of refurbishing our 1956 Spartan Manor into our getaway retreat in the mountains of Bryson City NC

Location: Fair Play, SC, United States

Saturday, March 08, 2008


Well things are really coming along. I was able to secure a large metal building on the campus of the school we teach at. With shelter overhead I was able to start taking the skins of the trailer and get to repairing the damage.

Typical water damage in the front corners. This is the curbside front corner I was not expecting this to be as bad as it was. Glad we took the skins off to find this damage.

This picture shows the front road side corner of the trailer. The old fresh water tank was here and must of had a leak the floor and the side wall are damaged and we will replace the front lower panel the subfloor and part of the side panels to fix this area.

This is a picture of the missing/rotted frame that once held the side dinette windows in place. Both sides are like this and I can say that this is a design weakness of this trailer. the glass does not sit in a frame but is sandwiched between the wood frame and the aluminum skin. There is a seal that goes between the window and the lip of the aluminum and we will replace that but I am still trying to come up with a better design.

I try to spend at least two hours a day working on the trailer. When you start you think this is a weekends worth of work but once you get started you begin to appreciate just how long this can take. In five weeks we have spring break and we hope to have the trailer back on the road to do some test camping.

In June we will be off to Newburg MO for the first annual Yahoo Classic Shasta group rally. Hope to have the trailer 95% done and maybe a fresh paint job the interior done and a new axel. We shall see. Spring is coming and we have work to do in the orchard of SC and about 400 feet of fence to still put up. Life is never boring....... TTFN.


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