56 Spartan Refurb

Our adventure of refurbishing our 1956 Spartan Manor into our getaway retreat in the mountains of Bryson City NC

Location: Fair Play, SC, United States

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rear of trailer repairs

Ok over the last two weeks I have removed the water damage in the back of the trailer this includes the birch panel and the wood frame. I was not happy with the way the trailer was originally put together. At the rear next to the bumper the inner birch panel and insulation was exposed to the elements so I came up with this fix.
I took a piece of aluminum flashing and attached it to the undercarriage of the trailer then wrapped it around the bottom of the trailer to form a seal to keep the road grim from soaking up into the trailer.

This is the underside of the rear trailer repair.

The cargo area in the rear of the trailer was rotted so we replaced it with new select pine and pressure treated lumber on the lower skirt

Here is a view of the new birch panel installed in the back.

I learned alot during the process and now am started on the front.


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